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Mary Kay Cosmetics - Capture the Vision (1981)
Don Stokes
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    Mary Kay in a reflective mood
    What if something were to happen to Mary Kay?
    Mary Kay is proud of you!
    Footage from Mary Kay pageants 
    The Mary Kay philosophy: "God first, family second, job third"
    Shots of Mary Kay Cosmetics operations 
    The Mary Kay spirit is passed along to consultants' families
    The feminine image of Mary Kay
    Mary Kay reciting the lyrics of popular song, "The Impossible Dream"
  • Transcript
    MARY KAY ASH: This is my favorite time of the day—so beautiful and so quiet. And it gives me a chance to start the day in a reflective mood, before the rush of decisions and activities begin.
    It's also a time of day when I have a chance to think of you, our consultants and our directors. And lately, I've had something on my mind that I wanted to share with you. Something that concerns your future and the future of our company. 
    Not long ago, I was being interviewed by a local television station, and during the interview, I was asked a question that started me thinking...
    INTERVIEWER: What would happen to Mary Kay Cosmetics—its corporate structure and sales force—if anything happened to Mary Kay?
    MKA: Well, there was once a time when the entire company's existence depended on me personally. But that's no longer true. Today, we have thousands and thousands of consultants and directors who believe in the company philosophy, and I think would carry on forever if anything happened to me.
    I hope there will not even be a slump in the stock market. I hope there will not even be a slump in sales. I hope that they will carry on this philosophy that has made this company great, and that they will carry it on forever. 
    For years now, newspaper and television people have wanted to interview me because of what I had accomplished. They didn't know it, but they really are interviewing me because of what YOU have accomplished. I am so proud of you, because you represent the strength and the future of Mary Kay Cosmetics.
    I believe the finest achievement of this company is not our great product or the marketing plan—good as it may be. Most companies measure their assets by their balance sheet, but here at Mary Kay Cosmetics, our most important assets do not appear on that balance sheet, but our most important assets are you, our people. 
    One of my strongest reasons for starting Mary Kay Cosmetics was my determination to give other women the opportunity I felt I had always been denied. I wanted to give women the opportunity to go as far as their abilities could take them, to be the very best they could be.
    I wanted to give women a chance to realize that they are wonderful and special, and that they can succeed beyond their wildest dreams—if they were just given the opportunity. 
    So many of you have accomplished so much. So what was once my dream has now become a wonderful reality.
    I've often heard consultants and directors say that their customers sometimes refer to them as Mary Kay. Well, in essence, you are Mary Kay, to every single person you meet. You are the keeper of the Mary Kay spirit and philosophy. It's up to you to uphold and continue the high standards that have been set. Each of you represents our commitment to the principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. 
    There are women from every walk of life, who have caught the vision and made it their own. No matter what the original motivation might have been that caused them to accept the challenge of a Mary Kay career, they are women who are propelled today by pride and by achievement. Pride not in success—bought or given. But success is earned by sheer determination and an unwillingness to accept failure. Because of them, the future of our company is secure. 
    Any company's philosophy of doing business is bound to affect the way the public feels about that company's product and its people. And our Mary Kay philosophy creates a tremendous amount of interest. 
    INTERVIEWER: Well, Mary Kay, you've mentioned several times about the philosophy that guides Mary Kay Cosmetics. What exactly is that philosophy? 
    MKA: Well, I think that our philosophy has played a tremendous part in our success. First of all, that philosophy is God first, family second, and job third. And I have found in my life, in that order, everything works. And out of that order, not much works. 
    INTERVIEWER: I think most corporate heads would say that list is upside down. 
    MKA: I'm sure that would be true. However, where women are concerned, we're a little bit different from men, I think, and in that case, we have to have our lives in the proper order. You have to feel that your faith is important, and then that your family must come above your business needs. We do suggest however that they put their career in the third place, and not the fourth or fifth or sixth. 
    INTERVIEWER: Well, that makes sense. So the discussion of these three priorities is very interesting. Is there another aspect of the Mary Kay philosophy? 
    MKA: Yes, the Golden Rule. 
    INTERVIEWER: Really? 
    MKA: Really. And as old fashioned as it may sound in today's world, it still has become the single most important guide that we use in conducting our daily business. And we found that when everybody across the board—the staff, and the directors, and the consultants—use this guide, the problems seem to solve themselves before they even start. 
    INTERVIEWER: Oh, why is that? 
    MKA: Well, the simple fact is that if you are living by the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," whether you are reacting with a customer, or whether it's with a problem in recruiting—whatever, doesn't matter. Somehow the Golden Rule just makes it all come out perfectly. And I truly believe that all you send into the lives of others comes back into your own. 
    INTERVIEWER: But does the Golden Rule really work from a business standpoint? 
    MKA: Well, I think I could best answer that question by pointing out that in 1963 we started with nine consultants and I was one of them. And today we have well over a 100,000. And our sales are into the hundreds of millions of dollars, but that's only one side of the story. 
    INTERVIEWER: Well, what's the other side? 
    MKA: I think our directors are the very best proof that the company philosophy really works. And if you could meet some of them, you would know it works. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 1: The Mary Kay philosophy works, because everything Mary Kay teaches us herself is something that she just doesn't give lip service to—it starts from the consultants, and goes all the way up to the chairman of the board of the company, at every level of the company. It's not only something that's talked about; it's something that's actually lived. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 2: And I think that Mary Kay—the philosophies of Mary Kay—help you realize that you can become the person you want to become. And that whatever your goals are, whatever your dreams are—they are all possible. If you really believe in yourself, if you have a healthy self-image, and if you're driven by a goal, nothing will stop you. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 3: If I had to give back all the prizes that I've won, I would give them all away gladly for just the one thing—and that's my personal growth. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 4: When someone comes to sales directors' meeting and she belongs to another unit, then we treat her just like she is our own and we can be confident the same would be done to our people all over the country. It's really what makes the company special. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 5: Because this is a people business. And in most companies, the P&L statement stands for profit and loss. But within Mary Kay, it stands literally for people and love. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 6: And Mary Kay allows us the flexibility to do unto others as we'd have them do unto us. But it's something you can't pretend; it has to be you. And I think the companies that attract women are people who feel bad, basically. It allows us to develop that to a finer point. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 4: The "go give" spirit means that you're just as happy for someone else's success as your own, which is really unique in this company. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 1: As a director, it is so wonderful to be able to give to individuals and influence their lives; and in return, yours is much richer and much fuller.
    SALES DIRECTOR 6: Go give—it means to be willing to give of your time, yourself, your money, your energy, your knowledge, if necessary, to help someone else achieve their goals without worrying about what am I going to get in return. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 7: Being able to put God first in your life, and your family second, and your career third, is probably the major reason for the success of Mary Kay. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 4: It's really a blessing to know that I can have a career, and at the same time grow spiritually, and have my family above that career—and nothing has to suffer at the price of success. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 1: And one thing is nice, as Mary Kay has taught us, that when you give not to expect something in return, because that's not giving in its true sense of the word; that's just a tradeoff. But to give of yourself—and by doing so, you make the world a better place to live in and also enrich your own life. 
    SALES DIRECTOR 8: You feel good about yourself, because you're with a company that you're proud to be with. You have a product that's proud. That's my Mary Kay. 
    MKA: The company has my name, but it does indeed have a life of its own. And its future is in the hearts of those thousands of women, whose determination guarantees the continued success of Mary Kay Cosmetics forever. 
    Every consultant and every director in the Mary Kay family is backed by one of the finest support systems in our industry. The guiding philosophy of our company is part of every phase of our operation—from Research and Development to Manufacturing and Distribution.
    And it is the belief and practice of this philosophy in everyday business, that leads to the highest standard of quality and, ultimately, to the tremendous consumer confidence that we enjoy. Does the philosophy work? Yes—beyond our wildest dreams. 
    Over the years, we've always been fortunate in attracting the highest quality of person; we've always sought the best. And this is one more reason why the continuity of our company is assured. Each of you represents a standard of excellence and a caring and sharing spirit that is unique.
    As a company, we are rewarding women who think of others more than themselves. Women who cheerfully give of themselves, of their time and experience, without thought of financial gain. This go give spirit blows throughout our company, smoothing away problems and creating an atmosphere of good feelings and positive working relationships.
    And one of the wonderful benefits of the go give spirit is the positive effect it has on the attitude and perception of our customers toward our business.
    But even more important, as our consultants and directors learn to live positively and with a go give attitude, they begin to pass it along to their children and families as a way of life. It truly expresses the Mary Kay philosophy at its very best. 
    We've taken great pride over the years and the feminine image that we project: always wearing skirts and dresses at our Mary Kay beauty shows and at our meetings, and never serving alcohol at any Mary Kay function. These are all part of the high standards of our organization that help ensure its continued success, and your continued success, as you capture your own vision and make your own dream a reality. 
    There's something tremendously exciting about seeing women on the verge of having a dream come true. Every month, a group of directors in qualification comes to Dallas. And one of the great privileges of being chairman of the board is the opportunity I have to meet each and every one of them. 
    And I think we're doing something special and I really think that the cosmetics are just a vehicle; that we're really in the people business, that we're really in the business of changing lives. And that's what we're really all about. 
    Many of you can recall the pride and excitement that you felt during your week of qualification. But what you might not know is the pride I feel each time a new group of potential directors comes to Dallas—it's a good tradition. And one that has been meaningful to me over the years. 
    But, you know, the important things are not traditions involving individuals, but the permanence of ideas and the preservation of dreams.
    But those of you who have captured the vision—this company is you, it's your story and your future. And of course, your story is our story. You are proof that our system works and you're the guarantee that the future will continue, and then our company will go on and on forever. Today, Mary Kay Cosmetics has become an established fact in the market of cosmetics and a force in that world. And that's back to you. It's your dreams, and your determination, and your vision that will keep this going. 
    When a company is built on the belief that God planted the seeds of greatness in every human being and that it's up to you to reach down within yourself and bring those seeds into fruition. And that we know that success comes through positive motivation, and praise, and encouragement. There is no doubt that our company will succeed and you are proof that our philosophy does work.
    "And this is my quest to follow that star. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far—to fight for the right, without question or pause, to be willing to march into Hell for a heavenly cause. And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest, that my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I'm laid to my rest. And the world will be better for this. That one man, scorned and covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable star." God bless you!
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